Bhuwan Thapa

Working in various media and genres, Bhuwan Thapa, is, undoubtedly, one of the multi-dynamic and versatile artists and a key figure in Nepali contemporary art. His works are enormous in structure and minimal in shape, with an elite artistic touch which presents a lot of visual sensation and artistic attainment. His involvements include Assembly Member (2010-14) at Nepal Academy of Fine Art (NAFA), President of Nepal Arts Foundation, Kathmandu, Senior Vice President at Nepal Fine Arts forum , Kathmandu, Vice President of DOOR Contemporary Art Foundation, Nepal and President of ARAMBHA Contemporary Nepali Sculptors’ Group, Kathmandu.

“My methods and medium of working are not fixed and limited; neither there are defined rules to be followed strictly. The choice of material depends on the vision and intuition available at the movement. On the process of creation I use both conventional and new media. I enjoy to experiment with ideas, contents, techniques and media. I search for the art that does not fit in a defined conventional frame.”

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