Annapurna Sanctuary Art Exhibition

Taragaon Museum organized a group exhibition displayed by senior artists Chhetra Lal Kayastha, Alok Gurung & academician Nagen Singh.


The exhibition titled “Annapurna Sanctuary Art Exhibition”, showcased variety of paintings that portrayed the beauty and serenity of Nepal with the use of oil based paint & water colour. The paintings were specially created for “Annapurna Sanctuary Tourism 2074 B.S.” where the main focus of the painting is Annapurna mountain range.



Variation in all the paintings could be seen in as each  one was different in its shapes and sizes. Renowned artist Chhetra Lal Kayastha has made “Abstract Art” the centre of his work, similarly, renowned artist Alok Gurung has used “Realistic Art” his main focus in the paintings. Lastly, Nagen Singh has used “Expressionism Art” i.e. Goethe Triangles: Color as Emotion Theory and has extensively created paintings that are within triangle shape.

The exhibition began from May 1st ended on May 7th.