Horst von Bassewitz

Born 1932 into a noble Mecklenburg family in Ludwigslust (Germany), Bassewitz studied architecture at the Technical University of Braunschweig 1953 to 1959 and set up his first architectural practice with Carl-Friedrich Fischer in Hamburg in 1967. Since then he has been a prolific and successful architect with various partnerships. Noteworthy are his achievements in the field of conservation.
Bassewitz first came to Nepal in 1990, sketching sites in a manner that he describes as “scribbling down” with his pencil a few characteristics of a building or urban site. He calls it “eye bliss” (Augenglück). The pencil drawings are always highlighted with a dab of watercolour, red, blue or yellow, to focus the sheet. He has covered sites in Rajasthan, Burma, Iran, Ethiopia, Mexico, Bretagne, Dalmatia, Georgia, Portugal, etc. His drawings have been published as “Time-Erosion” (Zeitfrass, December 2006) and “Time-Dust” (Zeitstaub, January 2012).

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