Konstanty Gutschow

Born in 1902 in Hamburg, Konstanty Gutschow studied architecture in Danzig and Stuttgart. He was a successful architect in the 1930s and acted as the city architect of Hamburg from 1942 to 1944. After World War II, three medical academies were built on the basis of his designs (in collaboration with GodberNissen) in Tübingen, Düsseldorf and Hanover.

He first came to Nepal in October 1971 to visit the restoration site of the Pujarimath (presented by the government of West Germany to the people of Nepal on the occasion of the wedding of the then Crown Prince Birendra) in which his son, Niels, was involved. He returned to Nepal in March 1972 to study aniconic shrines in natural settings. At the end of the year, he published a booklet with his sketches and comments under the title ‘Wasser und Bäume’ (‘Water and Trees’). Gutschow returned to Nepal in November 1973 with an assistant, Johannes Cramer, to undertake a detailed architectural survey of the Hanumanghat in Bhaktapur.

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