A Man With a Whistling Tune by Sundar Lama

The Taragaon Museum cordially invites you to the exhibition
” A Man With a Whistling Tune” (painting,performance & poetry) by Sundar Lama (3rd Taragaon Open Studio Artist)

Sundar Lama completed his Masters in painting from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has done two solo exhibitions of paintings and participated in numerous art activities in Nepal and abroad. He has also participated in various performance art workshops locally and internationally in countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Bangladesh and India. Furthermore, he has also participated in various art workshops. He was awarded Hidden hero in an event organized by Hear-beat A Social Work Organization, Special award for video art category organized by Nepal Association of Fine Arts, Artist of the Year organized by ECSTASY- D Art Group, Arniko Youth Art Award(Gold medal) organized by National Youth Service Trust2018, Special Award for contemporary painting Art Category in National Art Exhibition and LakasdaNahalashalaPucha, Sita Shree Talent Award organized by Panta Smriti Pratisthan.

Come and meet our open studio artist and see his new series of work!
4:30 PM, Friday, 27th September, 2019
@ the Taragaon Museum Contemporary Art Gallery
Artist Statement:
From time immemorial human beings have been struggling for survival. Human anxiety, dreams, necessity and even a sense of belonging or non-belonging) originates from the friction of this struggle. These are the outcomes of our will to survive. However we cannot let go these outcomes. We assimilate our act and achievement and create an individual reality. This personal reality, nonetheless, is connected with the collective reality or the world that we live in. This has happened because struggle, pain and satisfaction are such universal experiences that every organism go through.
My art works attempt to understand such invisible yet clear and delicate existential phenomena.In other words my art work is an interaction between space and consciousness. I am guided by my instinct; however, I have a liberty to choose. From here begins the journey of the mind to the heart.
If I am able to participate in this event, I can strongly certify my creative potential to myself and the ever- evolving art work.
The more one has to bear responsibilities in life, the more s/he becomes restless. However, with responsibilities, one also thrives for success. It is only later with much effort; one realizes that only peace in the spirit brings absolute success. And the irony of it all is that we had peace from the beginning. My art presently deals with such idea of restlessness and tranquility through various cultural perspectives. Since I come from Nepal- a land of ancient culture; we still practice these thousands of years old ancient practices. And in my art, I make use of such traditional motifs one way or the other. Therefore, my work- be it painting, installation, performance or video art, deal with struggle in life through cultural perspective and coming out a survivor as an existential being who is beyond any man made norms and culture. This is why art escorts us to the soul of the universe that is pure, undistorted and simple.