Ed Van Der Kooy: Nepal then(Photographs from 1978)

Taragaon Museum & The Saraf Foundation invites you all to the exhibition of photographs from 1978 by Ed Van Der Kooy. He will also be displaying some paintings he has drawn.
He will also be donating his photographs to the Taragaon Museum, after the exhibition.
He also manages a Facebook Page called Nepal and Ladakh & a Youtube channel, where he has documented his travel to Nepal in the form of photographs and video.

Artist Statement:
Summer 1978, I was a student at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague, Holland. I had heard about Nepal. Without any knowledge I flew to Kathmandu. In Freak street I rented a room in Century Lodge for 10 rupees per day. I stayed in Kathmandu for a month. A small city with a lot of temples,mountains on the horizon and above all friendly people .
A lodge owner in Dulikhel told me it was possible to make a trek from Pokhara to Muktinath. Kathmandu, the Annapurna trek, it was all equally beautiful. To Muktinath around Annapurna it was an incredible experience. I fell in love with this beautiful country. After 1978 I returned every year, made many trips, Lantang, Lo-Monthang, Kangchenjunga, Helambu, Encounters with many different cultures, incredible adventures. I had A few exhibitions at Siddhartha Art Gallery, also made a portrait painting of Late Princess Shruti. And now 40 years later, after my first visit, I am doing an exhibition at the Taragaon Museum Kathmandu. For this exhibition I have painted two large panoramas with the subject of my trek in 1978. A film will be shown that I made in 1978 and pictures from that year will be hung on the walls. You could say the circle is closed.

About the Artist
Ed van der Kooy born on 9th September 1956 at The Hague, Netherlands His fascination with Asia made him choose to paint Eastern models, in their traditional dress, in a larger than life manner. In doing this he spent much time on the expression of the fabric. In the first years that he painted it wasn’t his intention to show the model’s character. It was about the fabric and the clothing that he carefully selected for each painting.

As time has passed it has become increasingly important to Van Der Kooy to express the psyche of the model and the fabric has become a vessel to aid this. Midway through 90’s he started to paint the backgrounds emptier and more sterile.
In 2004 three of Ed Van der Kooy’s paintings were purchased by the large Dutch financial organisation ING. At this time the bank already owned several important collections of realistic works but the 3 van der Kooy paintings were showpieces for many years.
These monumental paintings were even depicted as stamps printed by KPN.
The figures are merely a partial depiction of van der Kooy himself, but much more an expression of the painter’s mood. They are not real, as an actor’s portrayal in a play is not real. Just as performers in a play expect the audience to participate with the illusion and to continue it for the duration of the play, Van der Kooy expects the viewer to play the painter’s game. It is not the model, but the painter pulling the strings. These strings are made, as well as of the painter’s craftsmanship, of degrees of freedom that are choices at his service: format, look, light, colour, contrast, clothing, composition, detail, expression of fabric. All these artistic means must serve a single artistic goal. This goal is to express the emotion the painter feels for his model and the efforts he puts into the painting on every level.

Join us!

We hope to see you all at 4:30 PM on Wednesday,18th of September.

Exhibition will remain open until the 28th of September.

Daily from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Closed on Public Holidays.