Sagarmatha Next-Waste to Art Project Exhibition

Sagarmatha Next-Waste to Art project competition was organized by Sagarmatha Next to create art from waste that are generated in Kathmandu Valley. The competition was organized at the Taragaon Museum from 23rd April, 2019 to 26th May, 2019. The competition was announced through various social media sites of the museum

6 artists were selected for the competition from various applicants . Artists were selected on the basis of concept note provided by them.

The Jury will select two artists & their artworks and allow the artists to work with international visiting artist in Sagarmatha Next project site, which will begin from September 2019. The artworks will be exhibited at the Taragaon Museum for 4 days starting 2nd June, Sunday to 5th June, Wednesday.

After the exhibition all the artworks will be relocated to Sagarmatha Next project site in Khumbu region.

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