Kathmandu Augenblick by Rolf A. Kluenter

The exhibition ‘Kathmandu Augenblick / Blink of an Eye / kSaNa / Ek Chin’ presents selected works in the media of Nepalese blackened and handmade paper, photography and films, which Rolf A. Kluenter has created during his residency in Shanghai from 2003 until present. ‘Kathmandu Augenblick ( Blink of an Eye) / kSaNa / Ek Chin’ represents a very specific and unique work-cycle of valuable, limited editions that provide an insight into his deep memories of his long-residency in Kathmandu from 1980 until 2000. Kluenter created many of these limited editions in workflow and connection with his major thematic key-works that had been shown at international art venues. Thus, for example the “Beyond My Chair” series of photography and films, he created in connection with his work of the same title that was shown 2006 at the 6th Shanghai Biennale ‘Hyperdesign’. The Nepalese film sequences “Inexistent” of his multi-channel film-installation ‘Anima Flux’ consists of film and a related limited photography works that were shown 2011 at the 54th Venice Biennale, Collateral Project “Future Pass’, as well as in 2012 at the Rotterdam Wereldmuseum and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Taichung, Taiwan. Likewise, the ‘Nocturne’- and ‘Melancholia’-editions were shown at international exhibitions in the Netherlands, China and Germany. Rolf A. Kluenter’s ‘Kathmandu Augenblick / Blink of an Eye / kSaNa / Ek Chin’ limited edition work cycle will be officially handed-over by the German Ambassador H.E. Mathias Meyer and the artist to the Taragaon Museum – The Saraf Foundation. Hence, ‘Kathmandu Augenblick / Blink of an Eye / kSaNa / Ek Chin’ will be the third collection of Kluenter’s works to become an integral part of the collections of the Saraf Foundation – next to the foundation’s collections of the “Fifth Seal” and the “Unaccountable Objects”.