Sojourner Art

Gus Harper is a Los Angeles based painter who is traveling the world, particularly Nepal, while creating paintings on canvas, murals in various locations, and even collaborating with international artists. Last Spring, Harper exhibited his “minor identity crisis” series in Los Angeles. These paintings were mostly inspired by the idea of overcoming fear and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Vibrant and expressive and loaded with symbolic imagery, the paintings from this series are both celebratory and reflective. After the success of his last show, Harper decided it was time to close his Los Angeles studio and travel to find beauty and inspiration, and if nothing else to break inertia. With plans to show his upcoming works in various cities across The United States, Taragoun museum thought it would be the best idea to make sure that the paintings made in Nepal (in some cases colorations with Nepali artists) were made available for Nepali eyes. So, on November 19th, the Taragoun museum will display 15 travel paintings that Harper will have made in Malaysia, India, and Nepal.
Harper’s earlier works were carefully rendered refections on the beauty of everyday objects. However, over the past few years, Harper has intentionally employed a rougher, cruder style that inspired by man’s innate desire to mark on walls and record events and emotions. The intent is that through a tough and lose style, Harper will touch upon a more sophisticated and profound set of visions.
Harper’s work can be viewed at