Saraf Publication

  1. THE FIFTH SEAL: Paintings by Rolf A. Kluenter
    The Radheshyam Saraf Art Collection at Hotel Yak & Yeti, Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. Unaccountable Objects by Rolf A. Kluenter
    Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, Nepal
  3. Ratna Style Temples with an Ambulatory by Raimund O.A. Becker- Ritterspach
  4. Towers In Stone
    Sikhara Temples in Bhaktapur- Vatsala and Siddhilaksmi
    By Biyaja Basukala, Niels Gutschow and Kishor Kayastha
  5. Mapping The Kathmandu Valley with Aerial Photographs by Erwin Schneider
    Niels Gutschow and Hermann Kreutzmann
  6. The Kathmandu Valley
    New Buildings. Sites under Construction and Demolition
    Seen by Niels Gutschow
  7. History of Kings (A Buddhist Chronicle)
    • Edition
    • Maps and Illustration
    • Induction and Translation